Tuesday, June 10, 2008

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Jill Miller Zimon posted about HB177 here. This legislation is
incredibly offensive for a number of reasons. I used to live in the
German speaking countries, and so I am writing in German. I am also
writing in the language of Goethe because until very recently, many
cities in Ohio had sizable German-speaking minorities. Cincinnati is
one such example. Jill quoted someone from the comments who said,

Too bad no one cares to remember that until the 1940s much of
Cincinnati spoke German. Street signs were in German as were many
church services. In fact, a couple of old churches in OTR still have
German language masses, and we still have a German language school in
Clifton. Your grandparent and great-grandparents are turning in their

In fact, German very nearly became the official language of the United
States! (Ok, ok, maybe not).

Please contact your senators and ask them to vote against this racist bill.

Original post is here.

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