Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Glass City Jungle

Over the last week I have not been able to find even one government entity or agency that maintains its "official record, actions or proceedings" in any other language than English.

Can the sponsors and proponents of this legislation please answer this:

If there is an imminent language crisis in Ohio, where is it?

How many governmental entities or agencies maintain their official records in any language other than English? One, ten, a hundred, five hundred or….. None!.
How many complaints have been filed because of the use of a language other than English in any official proceedings in Ohio?

Is it just possible that there IS no crisis, that the danger of Ohio to become a "English optional" state as Rep. Macklenborg suggests, really DOESN'T exist and that the words, the language, in this legislation is really used in a calculating, Orwellian way, to divide not unite the citizens of our state… particularly on the eve of a critical election season.

Taken from testimony given by Representative Peter Ujvagi on May 28, 2008 on HB 477.

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