Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gloria Ferris

Ohio House Bill 477--Bad Legislation On So Many Levels

In an era when we should be inclusive instead of exclusive, again, we in Ohio show ourselves to be on the wrong end of the spectrum. We are a state losing population, and therefore, we should be embracing immigration. But, our state legislature in its collective wisdom has decided to show the world that we believe in isolationism.

This English Only bill is nothing more than a diversionary tactic. Our state legislators continue to propose bills that really aren't worth a hill of beans. It is a known fact that immigrant families who come to America within three generations become acclimated to the English language, and it is the language of choice often to the chagrin of elders who worry about the loss of ethnic culture.

With the advent of technology is it truly so burdensome to translate into other languages? Should we not embrace the learning of additional languages by our young people? When we pass such restrictive legislation does it not send the wrong message? Do we not have "English as Second Language" classes to promote the learning of English by people new to our country?

Why do we the electorate continue to allow our legislators to continue to ignore the elephant in the room? Which elephant you ask? Pick one--the economy, the burden of taxes, the number of people leaving our state-young and old, the medicaid crisis, and on and on. Instead we allow them to pass laws that are meaningless, albeit restrictive and exclusionary. Convince me that we will be better with the passage of such a ridiculous notion. This country was built by immigrants. Cleveland is known as a melting pot. We should all stand up and tell the state legislature that we want them to be better, to be bigger, and to envision a state where all are welcome to live, work, and play.

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